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Name of the enterprise:  “Baku Worker Machine-Building Plant” Subsidiary Open Joint Stock Company

Adress of the enterprise: Sabunchu district, Baku city

Number of employees: 75people

Area of the enterprise: 15,1 ha

Floor area of the enterprise: 84 450 m2

Field of activity of the enterprise:

The plant is specialized in the production of equipment, tools and spare parts for oil, gas and petrochemical industries. These products include oil and mining equipments, rocker machines, cranes, drilling units and so on. "Baku Worker" Machine-Building Plant was established in 1900 and later it was merged with “Keshla Machine-Building Plant”. “Azinmash-80” lifting devices and rockers are being exported to Kazakhstan.

Main production fields of the enterprise: mechanical assembly workshop, tool workshop, carpenter workshop, a pump station building and warehouse building.

Note: The plant has all the communication lines, in particular water, gas and sewer lines, electricity. The plant has the ISO certificate.