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Name of the enterprise:  “Baku Petrolium Machine-Building Plant” Subsidiary Open Joint Stock Company

Adress of the enterprise: Zabrat settlement, Sabunchu district,  Baku city

Number of employees: 150people

Area of the enterprise: 18,6 ha

Floor area of the enterprise: 75 099,7 m2

Field of activity of the enterprise: "Baku Petrolium Machine-Building Plant" SOJSC was established by merging "Machine-Building Plant named after Sattarkhan" SOJSC and "Baku Oil Mine Machine-Building Plant". The plant is specialized in production of oil and mining equipments which is necessary for well drilling and capital repairs. The products of the plant include drilled rotors, fixtures and valves. The products such as fixtures and coated conduits are being exported to Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

Main production fields of the enterprise: There are five great workshops and a laboratory inside the plant. The equipment database of these workshops is constantly updated and the products are being produced in accordance with the latest technologies. Steel, cutting, chemical-thermal processing workshops are controlling the production process. Spare parts of the produced equipment are being made by casting method and it assures high quality and endurance of the products. Products can absorb 1500-1700 atmospheric pressure.

Note: The plant has all the communication lines, in particular water, gas, communication and sewer lines and electricity. The plant has the ISO certificate. The distance to highway is 50

km, to the railway station is 3 km and to the district center is 15 km.